Life-Cycle Events

Adas_Bat_Mitzvah_905xThe naming of a baby girl may be done at a Torah service. A Brit may be held in the synagogue or at home. The family may obtain the services of local Jewish physicians and rabbis, or may contact a mohel. A phone call to the synagogue (594-4523) will connect you with current resources.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah services may be arranged by requesting a date from the Board of Directors, usually one year in advance of the event. It is our pleasure to call the young man or woman to the Torah for the first time, and to offer a “mazel tov” to the family. Past ceremonies have been officiated by rabbis, and by lay leaders from the congregation. The synagogue meeting room offers limited capacity for receptions. There are several larger facilities in the area that are suitable for this.

Jewish_Wedding1We are equally pleased to provide a spiritual setting for a wedding ceremony. These are organized in the same fashion as a Bar Mitzvah. Our Board of Directors will be pleased to consider your individual needs.

There are two Jewish cemeteries serving our community. The “Jewish Cemetery” is on Route 73 in Owl’s Head, south of Rockland. The “Berliawsky-Small Cemetery” is located on Upper Park Street in Rockland. While these cemeteries have no direct affiliation with the synagogue, they have served this community since the early 1900s. To meet the needs of today’s families, the Berliawsky-Small Cemetery will intern cremains, and a section in that cemetery accommodates the burial of Jews and their non-Jewish spouses and/or children.

There is a fully trained Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Society) that will assist a family with ritual preparation, funeral arrangements, cemetery arrangements and organizing a minyan. Funeral services may be held in the sanctuary of the synagogue, at a local funeral home or at the grave site. Grave sites at both cemeteries are available for a cost of $1,000 each, which will include a perpetual-care contract. Please consult the attached roster for information on whom to contact.[Roster to come.]

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